First Blog Post For the Hell of It

For all the things thats curently hapening in my life right now and also my career I feel as though its necersarry for me to write a blog just to one day look back at this and realize how much I've accomplished.

For thoes who may not know who I am, my name is Donovan Jerrod Williams and I am a Dj that goes by the name of "DJ Don WIll" and I'm coming out of the warm heart of Philadelphia with a passion and strive to become succesful no matter what it takes.

Currently I am a emplyee at UPS and work as a intern for Boom 103.9 a local sation in philly.Ever since I was young I always had big dreams of becoming a Radio Dj/Personality and Telivision Personality. And every single day I know I'm getting closer and closer to achiving my goals and living my dream.

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